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The core of our smart building philosophy is program-ability and interopability the ability to perform ‘dark’ (off/without the internet) plus also privacy.

Privacy might seem like a strange addition here, but unlike a rising number of home gadgets that are ‘cloud driven’ our solutions do not collect, use or store any of your personal or behavioural data. As well as preserving your privacy, you also get the peace of mind that your smart home will be not be rendered useless over night if a smart home solution service provider decides to turn off their service….

Our automation platform of choice, is the highly capable Loxone system, a system whilst being both evolutionary and revolutionary, also ticks all the boxes for us on reliability, programmability and affordability. The key benefit of the Loxone system is it’s extremely powerful programming interface which enables us (and you if you feel up to it!) to create programs that seamlessly coordinate all smart devices with generic functions for mathematical, logic, comparison and many many more. So with Loxone we have found it’s never a case of ‘if’ something is possible – but how clever we can be in order to perform as little programming possible to achieve the desired functionality.