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Inspired by a customer that was in need of a quick, easy and affordable solution to “over winter” their holiday home in France. Reducing the fear of frost and power surge damage.

Surges would fry the boiler control board, which would cost approx €450 euros including fitting to correct – but more inconvenient was the loss of heating and hot water on arrival and then spending the first week of what should be a relaxing holiday chasing local plumbers.

Read the case study of a real life project we did here.

Our ExPat Smart Pack was successfully deployed and involved the use of smart plugs, thermostats, leak sensors, smoke sensors, all configured by us here in our Woking ‘Smart Pod’, but simple enough to deploy by the home owner themselves. The solution provides intelligent low energy electrically powered frost protection, keeping the house frost free, and ensuring that the main heating and hot water system can be switched off over the winter.

The contents of our ExPat Smart Pack depend on exactly the type of sensors and controls required, but we are happy to post up some ‘serving suggestions’ to give you a feel of what a typical solution looks like and costs. Pricing starts at £445 (inc VAT).