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Smart Home Networking Fact No.1

There is a myth out there that claims that the more technology your ram into your home, then the more problems you should expect to face. This is one myth that must be busted.

An increased technical burden is absolutely not an acceptable side effect of owning a Smart Home and in actual fact, a well designed Smart Home should completely mask out its inner workings from the home owner. This includes network devices too – especially so!

Besides, an IT Manager doesn’t actually WANT to spend their entire day fixing annoying problems (I should know, I’ve been one!). With my IT Manager hat on, I always look to eliminate unreliability in the design phase of a project, mainly by specifying the right combination of equipment.

When it comes to your Smart Home project, if your approach to the home networking component it is to put in place a ‘joined up’ system that will be more or less ‘problem proof’ – then now you’re thinking like an IT Manager.

So, our first simple point is that you shouldn’t need to be an IT Manager to own a Smart Home, but it helps to have a similar mindset if you are involved in the design of one.

After all, in the Smart Home business, we share a common goal with our IT Manager friends; we both work tirelessly to achieve automation utopia, to enhance building security, reliability and manageability. The systems we introduce must do all of this, without us.

Jeff says:

“Put just as much thought into the selection of your home’s networking equipment as your Smart Home equipment. More time thinking about this now, will result in you (& your family) spending far less time ‘thinking’ about the network later on. Your Smart Home equipment vendor will greatly appreciate not having to ‘think’ about your network too – trust us!”