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Welcome to our blog, our very own ‘intelligent’ space where we like to publish our opinions on the latest and greatest innovations we discover!

The Loxone smart home that put bedtime to bed!

October 16, 2019

ACC HAUS founder Jeff Jones demonstrates the ability of his Loxone Smart Home to perform ‘creative automation’. With three children persistently refusing to go to bed on time, Jeff delegated the task to Loxone, literally putting the challenge of bedtime to bed! Read more

Loxone: the formula to a real smart home

October 29, 2018

So what exactly is a ‘Smart Home’? Is it a house that has a doorbell camera that can record potential intruders? Or is it as house that has a big ‘Beware of the dog’ sign on the front gate, when the home owner doesn’t have a dog? The answer, is… Read more

Herschel Summit 2600: Epic FIR to win heat loss battles!

October 18, 2018

Jeff continues his FIR heating odyssey with the Herschel Summit 2600. This powerful addition to the houses heating armoury enabled him to win the heat loss battle with an open plan kitchen / diner space. Read more

Hedgehog nighttime still

Milesight: Going the ‘whole hog’ for garden wildlife viewing!

August 28, 2018

After a successful and satisfying conclusion to a ‘Smart 2nd Home’ implementation in a small coastal town on the west coast of France, we were flattered to receive a referral, from a friend of the owner. The Smart Home business involves some highly technical solutions, and as such, it’s of… Read more

The Ultimate Pizza Oven: More Uses, More Usage: Morsø Forno!

June 30, 2018

Few things are as predictable in life than: On the first remotely sunny & warm day of the year here in the UK, the media bombards us with ads for barbecues & pizza ovens. You have a great idea to write a blog item about your own pizza oven ‘journey’,… Read more

Briquette shell logs

It’s time we loaded up our log burners with something less destructive to the environment

June 19, 2018

Yes, there is such a thing as ‘Smart wood’! Read more

Smart FIR project

Smart FIR: A Loxone controlled Far Infrared heating project

June 14, 2018

ACC HAUS have teamed up with leading UK Far Infrared heating panel provider Herschel Infrared to publish an example, fully costed plan to retro fit a one-bedroom apartment with fully automated / remote controllable FIR solution. Introducing…. our apartment to be ‘smarted’ Our sample apartment is based on a real… Read more

Networking 5 a day

Smart Home Networking Fact No. 2

May 15, 2018

Same brand equipment avoids same old problems Earlier this month we kicked off our campaign for ‘Smart Networking’ in the Smart Home, a subject extremely close to our hearts, thanks to our vast experience working in the Enterprise IT sector. In our introductory post, “Why Smart Homes Need Smart Networks”,… Read more

Smart Home To Do List

Smart Home Networking Fact No.1

May 9, 2018

There is a myth out there that claims that the more technology your ram into your home, then the more problems you should expect to face. This is one myth that must be busted. An increased technical burden is absolutely not an acceptable side effect of owning a Smart Home… Read more

ACC Haus Smart Network

Why Smarter Homes Need Smarter Networks

May 9, 2018

ACC HAUS’s Jeff Rhys-Jones introduces a series of blogs that explain why Smart Homes need smart networks too. Over the next few weeks he will cover six typical home networking challenges, reveal Enterprise IT tricks of the trade that can be applied in Smart Home environments, and finish off with… Read more

Why your second home should always be smarter than your first!

April 26, 2018

A historic building in the centre of a small town on the West coast of France is probably the last place you would expect to find the latest in Smart Home Automation technology. Last year, when the owners Andrew and Susan arrived for a well deserved holiday break, there was… Read more

Far Infrared Heating. It’s heating, Jim, but not as we know it! (but you may need more power, Scotty)

December 11, 2017

ACC HAUS founder, Jeff Rhys-Jones, shares his ‘experiences’ in the conversion of his 1920s home from gas to Far Infrared heating… (**October 2018 Update**: we have added a Herschel Summit 2600 to our FIR ‘armoury’ in order to better fight the heat loss ‘battle’ in our main open plan living… Read more