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ACC HAUS specialise in the research and development of the latest, highly innovative smart building automation technologies and techniques.


To effectively communicate both benefits and considerations of the products we research and to provide expert guidance in the specification, planning and creation of your ideal intelligent space.




(above) Jeff in the ACC HAUS ‘Smart Pod’. Isolation + Concentration = Inspiration!

ACC HAUS was founded by Jeff R Jones, an I.T. research and development pioneer responsible for many important product developments in the computer industry in the late 90s. Jeff amassed over 100 independent press awards for systems he designed.

He started his own innovation and research focused I.T. consultancy in 2008, and became increasing interested in building automation systems. When Jeff undertook a major home renovation project in 2015, he used his research and development skills to perform a full evaluation of the entire smart building market. The result of this work was a short list of ultra modern, highly innovative, efficient and intelligent systems – examples of which you will find in ‘What We Do’ section of this website.


Our unique ‘Smart Pod’ is a great working space for us to test solutions we research, it’s also used for for vendor collaboration meetings and customer demonstrations.

We think the pod represents very much the essence of our mind set – it’s a innovative & futuristic space and with a huge 2 meter diameter triple skinned poly-carbonate domed roof – a mandatory requirement if you need to perform blue sky thinking.

Above all it’s a quiet space where our best ideas are cooked up – we have a saying here which is; isolation + concentration = inspiration.


At ACC HAUS, it’s crucially important for us to keep strong partner relations with our vendors and hold high level certifications in core competencies:

  • Loxone Silver Partner
  • Allied Telesis Gold Partner
  • BSI Certified ISO 9001:2015